It has been about 6 months after my graduation, and I'm currently on a work break back home in Vancouver. After a week of eating, sleeping and doing basically nothing, I thought it'd be a good time to do some writing!

I've been wanting to do more UX writing after my first article written back in March, but I never got around to it - and frankly, I wasn't sure if sharing my experiences is worth it because I still feel rather inexperienced in my career. However, I do really enjoy the process of looking back on my progress. Over the past couple of months I've also had many people reach out to me, interested in learning more about my experiences and asking for advice. It's wonderful that people are so eager to learn about UX and I feel honoured that people are specifically interested in my journey. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to respond to every single person, but I still hope to dedicate some time to being helpful toward the UX community.

So with these two reasons, I hope to write here and there and share my thoughts and learnings! My next piece will be about my time and learnings so far working at Pinterest as a growth designer, and I hope to get this out in the next week or so!